Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another good spot to nap

In preparation for our upcoming cross-country flight for the holidays, I pulled out all of our dog carriers from storage. The pugs got inordinately excited. Weirdly, they seem to LOVE being stuffed into a bag for hours on end, thrown under a seat to be multiply kicked while trying to nap, all the while struggling to hold their bladders.

We have (1) large Sherpa (technically the dimensions are a wee bit larger than that listed on the airlines' websites, but I've never had a problem), (2) a medium wannabe Sherpa that's been irreparably flattened, and (3) a small sporty Samsonite I used to transport Deedee when she was a puppy.

mama i am quashed in this thing

Clearly Deedee's puppy carrier is no longer an option. We will have to save that for our next puppy WHAT DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD HUSBAND STOP READING NOW

I decided that the medium bag also needed to be replaced, because it's been so crushed that it no longer stands upright and any pug within would have to lie completely flat in order not to get a concussion. So I'm frantically shopping online for 2 replacement carriers (of course I wait until the last possible moment to discover that we need another one), and I look over and see this:

small unacceptable carrier in foreground, medium crushed one in the middle, large keeper in the back

Yes, that is what I think it is. A pug has made a nest in her fave, medium, crushed, about-to-be-replaced bag.

she looks pretty darn comfy

mama do not replace this i luv it

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

may i have some of that?

As part of the ongoing effort to keep the pugs' teeth clean, we've taken to giving them these chews. They were recommended by their puggy dentist, so I'm sure they're totally worth it.

Well, the pugs love these things. They're like the toasted marshmallow on the proverbial s'more for these animals. Of course the pugs eat them at wildly different paces -- Cleo like a shark, Deedee like she's never seen food before, and Sasha like the toothless geriatric pug she is, will gum and lick hers to death.

the beginning of Sasha's attack

she's getting into it now

now she's really showing it who's boss

Given that it takes Sasha approximately 1 billion times longer to eat her chew than the other 2, there ends up being quite a bit of watchful waiting. Behold the lurking 2 younger, hungrier pugs.

Deedee really REALLY wants another chew. perhaps Sasha's.