Saturday, January 26, 2013

Life continues....

Muchas gratitude for the kind thoughts.  You cannot know how much your words are helping me.     

Cleo and Deedee are coping well.  Cleo was a bit blue, but Deedee ramped up her sisterly love (read: extreme pesty-ness), and the 2 are now inseparable. 

They say that you never get over a loss, rather that you get through it.  We are attempting to muddle through, some people (hysterical pug mama) and some days being worse than others.   I will never forget my Sasha, my cantaloupe-sized pug, the one who waltzed into my life and took my heart, the one for whom I did do and would've done anything and everything.    

Given that this blog was so much about her, I thought it best to move to a new blog, Pugtime.  Please join us there.