Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is it raining AGAIN??!

no, mama, no. i do not want to go out in the rain again. i will hold it until the last possible second, i promise. ok not really but i thought about it pretty hard.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Yet another lazy day for the pugs

The pugs had a very busy weekend, traipsing all over the tri-county region, greeting all of their fans.  Never mind that it was pouring cats and, well, em, dogs, for most of the weekend.  

And that Cleo started the weekend off by sneaking 2 pounds of forbidden kibble while we were out, thus setting herself and us up for a looooooong weekend of what we like to call Diarrhea Watch.  This basically consists of leaping to one's feet as soon as the pug passes gas, picking up the gassy pug like a football whilst sprinting to the door, then throwing the stinky pug outside so that she can... sit there and stare at you, offended, like you're the one that's unstable.

don't be distracted by the relaxed puglet in the front. the one to watch is the one curled up in the back.  

again, resist the urge to pick up the pug in the front and shnergle her within an inch of her life. because as soon as you do, the one in the back will most certainly commence having the runs.

I mean, that paw is just asking for a smooch. NONONONOOO must keep my eyes on the ticking time bomb in the background.

Friday, March 23, 2012

'Walking' with the pugs

So, it's a beautiful day -- the sun is out, the gale-force winds are not blowing, and the ground is not soggy.  'DO YOU WANT TO GO FOR A WALK??!!!'  Lots of pug noise, yarping and excitement ensued.  So we leash up, and we're on our way.

This is how the walk starts out.  Cleo and Deedee looking like 2 little angels.  Actually, both of them have just done their business and are looking for a handout.

mama. it was a v impressive peep. gimme something.

Sasha takes advantage of the lack of rain to thoroughly investigate every square inch of ground on which to place her precious few drops of urine.

it has to be perfect

The 'walk' then slowly starts to fall apart.  First the geriatric pug puts on the brakes and lets it be known that it is time for her to ride the pug-carriage.

shouldn't there be a blanket in here? where r my grapes?

Then the other elder pug comes to a screeching halt and looks pleadingly at the jogger.  Which leaves just Deedee to keep me company on the actual ground.

u thought u got stares with 1 pug in here, just wait'll u see what u get with 2, mama

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lounging around

While there was plenty of opportunity for playing in the snow, 

it's not just bad photography, but truly almost negative visibility

... the pugs would have none of it.

we r sleeping and can't hear u

As mentioned previously, it's hard enough to get the puglets to do their business in the white stuff.  Never mind actually play in it.

if it tasted better that would be another story

Miss Cleo does not like precipitation of any variety.  Perhaps that's why she's perched on top of the sofa, as far as she can get from the ground. 

Cleo? would you like to go outside??

u have got to be kidding. i am a pug, not a polar bear.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Manic Monday?

Yes.  If it's also opposites day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Helpful convalescing pugs

When one is feeling a bit (or a lot) under the weather, there is really nothing better than having a pug to snuggle. or two. or three.  Three is really excessive, but sometimes, one needs all the help one can get.

they've got their victim pinned in. 

the victim can forget about going to the bathroom with this kind of 'help' 

Cleo will even serve as an armrest

mama. i am helping dada to heal.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Chasing winter

Since it's over 70 degrees and sunny at home, we took the pugs to the mountains to get in some playtime in the snow.

The last storm was reported to have deposited 4-5 feet! No pug is going to be swimming around in all that snow, so there was a lot of shoveling involved at potty time.

those are some serious icicles

The pugs were seriously unhappy about having to do their business in the snow.  Even happy-go-lucky Deedee withheld for 14 hours because she couldn't find the right spot.

u cannot expect me to peep on this

Friday, March 2, 2012

Winter is back

Well, Spring has sprung right back out the back door, and Wet Winter has blown in the window.  What's a puglet to do without a sunny spot in the fresh outdoors in which to repose?

silly mama. why worry? there r so many spots indoors. 

So foolish.  Of course the puglets are perfectly capable of fending for themselves.  The sofa, as Cleo demonstrates above, next to the sunny window, is a great subsitute for the plush lawn of the outdoors.  

Deedee, below, will demonstrate that a pug does not even need to be conscious in order to be aware of being outdoors or in.

her paws are just waiting to be trussed up in a bundle

Sasha is the only pug that remains vigilant.  Years of experience have taught her to be no dummy. A pug must always watch for the next sneak shnergle.

mama i see u. stay right where u r.