Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poor Sasha

Sasha was pretty lethargic over the weekend, and was breathing quite heavily.  Her little heart was going a-thumpa a-thumpa.  I knew it was something terrible when she refused her favorite -- tomato! Turned out she was profoundly anemic, probably because of a bleed somewhere in her intestines.  

Our lives have been revolving around my ol' girl for the past few days (interspersed with prolonged bouts of weeping -- by me).  We've been keeping her close at all times, mostly because she seems to get really anxious if we're not next to her or directly in her line of vision.  She's being treated like a little queen -- pretty much the only thing she'll eat is brioche dipped in milk or cream (hand-fed, of course).  

For now, we think the bleeding has stopped (wherever it is), and her blood counts have stabilized, and are actually starting to go back up.  Little puglet is still pretty weak, and breathes all the time like she's just run a marathon.  We're hopeful that she'll pull through on her own, and won't need invasive intervention like a transfusion.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I think Sasha's acupuncture is working....

Another day, another swipe of the credit card.  I MEAN, Sasha went to get another acupuncture treatment today.  She's had 3 treatments so far, and we think it's helped.  We couldn't tell at first because it was the absence of her previous behavior as opposed to her frolicking around like a puppy. We've noticed little things -- she no longer hobbles when she gets up first thing in the morning, she doesn't hold her leg off of the ground, and she will actually tackle a few stairs down when motivated.

i tolerate this only because of the treats involved. gimme one.

Today Sasha was far more chill about the procedure than previously.  No shaking in fear uncontrollably like the drama queen pug that she is. 

It's all fun and games until the needles go in around the elbow.

mama i've decided that we should leave

Thursday, August 16, 2012

mama u suck

I know.  I have not been splashing the puglets's visages around as much as a doting mama ought to. I can blame nothing but my apparent attempt to win the Worst Pug Mama of the year award.

mama u suck

what's the point of being cute all the time if u refuse 2 show us off?