Monday, July 16, 2012

Sasha's 1st acupuncture visit

Poor Sasha has terrible arthritis in both of her elbows.  She's been OK on pains meds for years, but in the past several months she's limited her activity quite a bit.  No more stairs.  Walks are more like pug-carries.  And the final straw was when she started falling down because she couldn't control her legs.

We have a wonderful specialty vet clinic nearby, that luckily has a vet that does acupuncture.  Off Sasha went.

a pug should have to wait 4 no one

Sasha was much more interested in sniffing the place than in wondering what was in her immediate future.

as long as there're treats involved 

You can see how crooked her little legs are from all the arthritis.

Sasha was surprisingly chill during the first part of the treatment.  She tolerated the needles in her back and even her knees without so much as a bat of the eye.  She did keep hoping that one of the needles was a treat, tho, so she did try to taste each and every one of them.  I'm sure the vet thinks we don't feed her at all.

I tell ya what she did NOT like.  The needles in her painful elbows.  It was like combining the experiences of cutting her nails while giving her a bath and brushing her teeth, but with a wider audience.

the offending needles

Sasha immediately felt the sedative effects and snoozed in my lap.  Very unusual for the pug that typically prefers her dada.  She will usually only hang out in my lap if the only other option is a pit of burning lava.

i feel.... sleeepy

We have high hopes for this!  Hopefully she'll feel some positive effects as early as tomorrow!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Missing my girls

Trips without the pugs kind of stink.  On one hand, it's nice not to be woken in the pre-dawn hours by some pug(s) standing on one's chest, channeling stinky breath into one's nostrils, trying to get her early breakfast.  On the other hand, I kinda miss the feel of 4 sharp paws poking into my belly at 6am.

Luckily, the girls are in great hands with a loving auntie who likes to send us photo updates. 

mama save us we r being forced to model for ridiculous dignity-losing pictures

next time take me with u mama