Monday, February 19, 2007

MV Pug Sunday

We brought the pugs to Mill Valley's Pug Sunday this past weekend. It was not one of the girls' better outings.

Cleo spent the better part of the hour parked next to my foot, for protection. When actually noticed by another pug, she would crawl into a lap. Any lap. Even someone's she had never met before.

Sasha met a few friends. Sasha allowed a little bit of inquisitive sniffage, and then got outraged at the imposition.

We left then. But not after meeting a few sweet pugs.


  1. Poor Cleo. She needs to boost her confidence. At least she is not afraid of any human being. At least Sasha has some tolerance.

  2. oddly enough, perhaps it shows that cleo has evolutionarily advanced--she has gorwn past the pack mentality. that, or she's so far behind she never developed into it.

  3. The pugs are so cute. I love the first picture with Sasha looking up at the camera with head slightly cocked to one side. So, cute.