Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The pugs are so patient

One of the best parts about taking the girls on trips with us, is getting in free snugglage on the car trip. Something about being in the car makes them instantly ready to take a nap, and very loveable. Except when we stop. Then they become Rabid Alert Pugs.

We stopped once to get gas on the way home -- Dave walked out to access the punp. The way the pugs reacted to his leaving, you would've thought they'd been totally abandoned by all they knew and loved. Never mind I was SITTING RIGHT THERE in the front seat.


  1. How serious they look!! They are trying to be good guard dogs. But at the next minute, they are all whiny.

  2. Video not working

  3. you'd think he was outside busily feeding another pug. horrors.