Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy to be at the beach again

The pugs are starting to love going to Muir Beach.

Who doesn't love sand between the toes?

We left a lot of these all over the tideline.

The puglets were pooped afterwards. Not even a peep to let their sandy butts onto our laps.


  1. sasha looks as though she was caught by the national enquirer photographer. Cleo's just a gaping sea monster. but wow, such quiet pugs at the end. sasha looks as though her face is melting.

  2. so glad to see the little monsters becoming true california beach pugs. next time they will learn how to pug-surf.

  3. at first i thought cleo had sand all over her body, but then i realized she's just a mutant.

  4. Cleo isn't a mutant, she is just so herself. dad