Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Falling in love with Bunni

I was in NYC for the long weekend. I got to hang out extensively with the famous Bunni! As suspected, she does have a masssssiiiiiive nose wrinkle.

I found that she shares many similar personality quirks with my baby girls. She likes to pose for pics.

She, too, is capable of being a glam pug princess.

Although she prefers outfits more befitting her bunni-self.

I'm officially in luv with the Bunster!


  1. the bunster loves you too! look how sleepy and peaceful she is in your arms, despite having being stuffed into many a humiliating wardrobe ensemble. bunni is very excited to travel to cali and meet her cousins!

  2. She would be a good match with cutie Sasha and Cleo. Another spoiled puggie.

  3. bunni misses you so much sonia. she was sad, no auntie sonia to give her treats or snuggle with. she said, however, she doesn't miss being humilated by wearing bunny costumes. please, pugs need dignity too, okay, unless there are some serious treats involved.