Thursday, May 17, 2007

First meeting

Bunni's visit was the first time the 3 pugs had a chance to meet each other. It was Momentous. Sasha and Bunni immediately took the opportunity to check each other out. Check out each others' bums, that is.

Cleo needed a little encouragement to get close to Bunni. Do you see her actively trying to get away?

All 3 put up a completely united front when it came to begging for treats, however.


  1. the only times that cleo tolerated bunni was when cleo forgot she was near her. then she would jump up in a panic, all offended. they do make quite a trio, though.

  2. They are cutie pies. It looks they are blended well. They need more chances to get acquainted each other. It would be all right in Vienna.