Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pink Party Pugs on Parade!

The spoiled little girlies got a delightful gift from their auntie Vananh this past weekend. Cutie T-shirts! Sasha actually seemed pretty pleased at the addition to her summer wardrobe.

It was a little snug on Miss Porky Sasha, looking more like a muscle tee on her tenderloin of a body.

They were both tres cute! We got a lot of comments from random strangers when we went out.


  1. man, sasha's got some puggy rolls. it's all the chocolate bundt cake and cocktails that miss sasha has been enjoying! i see them on the table. don't hide them from me.

  2. They are the cutiest things ever!!

  3. the "strangers" obviously don't know how to read or can't follow instructions ! the t-shirts are supposed to deter unwanted attention from random strangers!

    cleo's underbite is fascinating.