Friday, September 7, 2007

Svelte Sasha

There have been wild falsehoods circulated by unnamed malicious sources about Sasha's weight. The Lie = 'Sasha is fat'. Horror! The indignity! To document the truth, once and for all, I offer...

Skinny Sasha from the side

Slender Sasha from the top

Skin and Bones Sasha on whom I cannot even pinch an inch!


  1. yeah, then what's with that post where she looked like a cow being stuffed into a sausage casing? just kidding. sasha isn't fat. i think she just doesn't have as much loose skin as other pugs and her tautness/turgidness can make her seem porky. but we love our porky sasha.

  2. Sasha is Nal-Sin. She just has a different body structure. Poor Sasha. She gets pinched by her crazy mom.