Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deedee's new retreat

The enormous puppy is getting too big for her crate. So we went out and got her one that's the next size up. It's MUCH more roomy. No more squeezing puppy out of crate like toothpaste in the morning, when she doesn't want to wake up.

Wait. That's not Deedee.


  1. Poor Cleo. She must think DD has all the luxury and attention.

  2. perhaps she's smothering deedee.

  3. Dear Little Puggerinos,
    I have been visiting your blog every day for a while, and I just want you to know that I LOVE your blog! Your Mom is very clever and takes great photos of you all. I am owned by a pug named Lola, and she would love to meet you all (and Bunni, too) but we live very far away in the frozen wasteland called Minnesota. But Lola and I will continue to check your blog and leave some comments. Tell your Mom that she does a great job, especially with the captions.
    Sincerely, Kim and Lola

  4. to the tune of "do you hear the people sing?" from les miserables (kind of):

    can you hear the muffled mearpf?
    coming from under sis' cleo
    it is the cry for help of a puppy
    who will meet uncertain fate
    when the cleo looks so innocent
    you know she is not to be believed
    there is a deeds struggling beneath
    who wants to come out!!