Monday, December 22, 2008

Passed out pugs

We went to play in Tahoe this past weekend, in the season's first major snowfall!

The pugs stayed home in warmth and comfort. And, after a weekend of lots of walks and attention, they're pooped.


  1. That snow scenary is very pretty. You could enlarge it.

    It is hard to tell who is who. They are all black blending as an one unit.

  2. actually, they are listless and completely devoid of energy because they are soooo depressed that their selfish mommy and daddy high-tailed it to a snowy, self-indulgent, no-pugs-allowed weekend in tahoe. probably to hang out with other dogs. dogs that are bigger, and that have snouts. oh the indignity.

  3. What a nice view! But pugs don´t reaaly like the cold, do they? There is no better place to be....ahh, the couch!