Monday, January 5, 2009

On the road again...

We traveled for the holidays with all 3 pugs, for the very first, and likely the very last, time. I took several pics to document our folly. (I will mention only in passing the intense difficulty of negotiating the numerous doofi they employ at the airlines, for 2 people attempting to fly with - gasp - 3 pugs.) First, the pugs in their carriers at SFO.

Actually, just Cleo and Deedee. Sasha is apparently too grand to stay in her carrier and prefers a seat to herself.

Then, the pugs at BOS. This time, Sasha deigned to repose within her carrier.

Finally, the pugs at IAD, before the flight back home. Deedee was acting a little antsy (by which I mean whiney and screamy) in her carrier as we traversed security, so we decided to give her a wee bit of sedative. Thought this was an excellent plan as she settled down. and attempted to squeeze herself into Sasha's spacious carrier, with poor Sasha, and pass out.

We were congratulating ourselves on our well-behaved pugs. Until we pulled out the urine-soaked, nasty stinky, puppy from her carrier upon our arrival into SFO. Quel horror! Nothing says welcome home like giving 3 pugs a bath even before unpacking.


  1. did the sedative make deedee grow? it's like alice in wonderland taking a bite of the mushroom. or candy. or whatever it was. point is, deeds appears to have expanded big time.

    i am so proud of the traveling pugs.

  2. in 2008 you had almost 30 less posts than you did in 2007. i hope you do better this year. that's my new year's resolution for you. happy new year.