Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poor Cleo

Why is my little baby so morose?

Little girl had a violent reaction to some food, and had horrible diarrhea for days. Really horrible. As in, all over the place. As our housekeeper so eloquently put it -- 'Hay MUCHO MUCHO!!' The situation called for drastic measures. Those #2 Huggies are ingenious. With an impromptu hole cut in the back for the curly tail, they're perfect for a pug.

Cleo improved quickly on a low-residual diet based on rice. Certainly never affected her appetite.


  1. She is creating a new fashion trend. Hee hee. Poor cleo. she doesn't seem to mind it.

  2. somehow that's even more indecent than when she walks around just as her naked pug self. oh cleo, your parents are very good to you. except for giving you the food that caused the mucho mucho poo in the first place.