Friday, July 17, 2009

New kibble

Our pug cousin Bug has alerted us to the existence of a kibble specifically designed to remove nasty tartar from pug teeth. Proof -- Bug's breath was quite improved! I immediately thought of stinky-breath Sasha, who hasn't actually crunched a kibble bit in years (she swallows them), and who acts like I'm KILLING her when I try to brush/scrape her teeth. It's the Hills 't/d' flavor, and the huge size forces the lazy pug to actually chew her food, but is crumbly enough that it's not like she's bleeding at the end of every meal. (Below: Hill's on the left, regular old kibble on the right.)

Deedee likes the stuff so much she picks them out first. And then runs off somewhere to gloat over it, since they're so big she apparently thinks they're treats.


  1. looks like a tater tot. what pug wouldn't love a tater tot.

  2. What human would not like tater tots?

  3. We used to give our old dog T/D because she had a horrible tartar problem. Mixed in with her regular food, she'd pick out all the t/d first. Toward the end of her life she would only eat the T/D. That stuff must be delicious!