Monday, October 5, 2009

Off to the car show

Yes, I said 'car show' -- there was a classic car show in Sausalito this past weekend. Which was apparently dog-friendly, as the number of 4-legged spectators almost equalled that of the 2-legged variety.

Deedee had a GREAT time, meeting her fans. Sasha and Cleo begged out of the event, since they, um, hate people and other dogs.

Added bonus -- the puppy was wiped afterwards.


  1. yeah, she already looks like she's about to take a nap in the second picture.

  2. that car is just like deedee. compact but speedy. vroom vroom!

  3. Meewee likes Porsches!

  4. it's been a couple of days what do we need to do to get a pic around here.