Monday, December 21, 2009

A pug's first Chrismas orange

Apparently there is some Xmas tradition out there, somewhere, that involves Xmas and oranges. Whatever the reason, it always seems that the holidays are a perfect time to down one, or two, or several, of the juicy segments. While it is well-established as one of Sasha and Cleo's fave snacks (altho, since it gives Cleo the, ummm, runs, it's been moved to the banned item list along with chocolate, raisins and garlic), Deedee has never had the pleasure.

So, since the Big Pieces Of Food were around, she got the opportunity to try it. As you can see, Deedee is undecided with regards to oranges. I, on the other hand, will move it to the banned list purely in an effort to save my furniture.

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