Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy wedding weekend

Luckily the auntie and uncle had chosen a pug-friendly location as their wedding destination. All the easier for the pugs -- all five of them -- to participate in the peri-wedding festivities. Actually, all they did was sleep and cuddle, but close enough.

Bunni collapsed where she stood.

Rikki half-sleeping, half-hoping someone will come by and give her a tummy rub. (the diaper is because she's in heat. of course)

Deedee can't muster the energy to lift her head... or open her eyes.

Cleo is conserving energy for the next round of snugglage.

Sasha says -- don't touch me. i need to rest.


  1. all the kids were having their best time with all the attention.

  2. they were tireless in their napping during the wedding weekend.

  3. a wedding is very tiring for a pug.