Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shopping with the pugs

Sometimes we try to multitask, by fitting in a shopping trip while walking the pugs. This, of course, works much better when a) there are 2 people, and b) the shop is dog-friendly. In this case, the toyshop (of all places) was NOT pug-friendly (boo!), so husband went inside while I waited outside with the 5 pugs.

Rikki, Cleo and Deedee were not pleased about being left behind. They maintained vigilant watch until he came back out. Where's Sasha? She's the pug butt you see, facing the other way, sniffing something infinitely more interesting that waiting for her devoted dada.

Rikki got tired, and decided to rest her weary head on Sasha's dual-purpose behind.

Where's Bunni? I think she's waiting for a piece of sausage to materialize in front of her mouth.


  1. heehee. husband has such devoted pugs. bunni's not buying into the hoopla.

  2. it's been so long.

    i can't get over that pic of rikki resting her chin on sasha's rump.