Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Deedee!

It was Deedee's 2nd birthday this past weekend! We went to the beach to celebrate.

and, we brought the celebration with us!

with a special cake cookie for the birthday puglet.

The pugs were verrrry interested. They are no dummies when it comes to sniffing out food.

r those for us??!

Sasha dug into hers right away.

Cleo also made short work of her donut cookie.

Deedee dipped hers in sand a few times before really getting into it.


  1. They really love cookies of all shapes and sizes.

  2. oh those cookies are so cute! they look ever so happy. happy birthday deedee!

  3. beach, sun, cookies and birthdays--what could be better? oh i just want to pick them up and squeeze them to death.