Friday, May 20, 2011

Cleo is a funny pug

It has been well-documented that the pugs' fave spot is on top of the sofa cushions. Most of the time they're sleeping. Some of the time, they're monitoring our activities. And, apparently occasionally, somepug will engage in some yoga moves.

I'm not entirely clear as to which maneuver she's trying to perform.

I think it's the 'Gimme Food' pose.


  1. you can put that beer can right in this paw over here.

  2. Did she happen to be watching a singing competition? It looks like a move we call hand giving, or the hand giver. It is when someone is singing a song and they reach out their hand in a broad sweeping motion. Like they are presenting you with the song!

  3. Cleo, great move! I agree, the paw is saying "Food goes here..NOW..and I'm not moving any farther to get it".