Monday, May 16, 2011

Lunching with da pugs

Earlier in the spring, we spend a pug-friendly weekend in Carmel, which is probably the dog-friendliest little town in the nation. I've been to places where streets of shops put out water bowls for dogs, to make them look like they're dog lovers, but then look at me askance if I were to actually escort my pugs anywhere near their establishments.

Not so in Carmel. Not only do the shop put out water bowls, but they mean it. At the cute little place we ended up for lunch, the maitre'd was much more excited about the pugs then he was for us.

One of the many dogs lunching on the same patio. Note how well she sits patiently under the table.

The pugs were hopeful that was a sign they would be dining at our table, as well.

gimme FOOD. i don't need ur stinkin' water dish

i must head to the kitchen to get my food myself

mama? may i have some of your breadsticks, pleeeez?

Deedee in particular was verrrrry persistent. She spent the entire meal, perched on top of a poor geranium plant, at her dada's (read: the weak link's) elbow. I don't think I need to tell you that all 3 got a significant portion of our meal.

i am willing the food to come to me

gimme some of that rose


  1. haha i love that she's lunging at the rose. what a sophisticated palate she has!

  2. The daddy is always the weakest link. ;D