Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cleo's fave thing

Other than food, Cleopatra's favorite thing in the whole wide world is to be loved. Actually, I'm pretty sure that in her world, love is first, then food. by a narrow margin.

And how is this love to be expressed? Mayhaps is it the human allowing herself to be trampled on a regular basis in her lifelong search for the perfect snuggle spot? Or being snookered into making organic, locally sourced, sustainable meals? Well if it's not feeding and clothing her, or spending ridiculous amounts of time, energy and money on her happiness and health, I guess it would be -- rubs. belly rubs, neck rubs, back rubs, but most especially, ear rubs.

Or, even better, ear rubs while snuggling with a fave sister pug.


  1. Too much adorable for one day! I've met my quota!

  2. oh, the elusive ear rub. what a lucky lucky cleo. i just wanna grab that muzzle in my hand and moosh it.

  3. Cleo, are you sure you are not in heaven? Seriously, what is better in life than ear rubs? I insist on belly+ear rubs in unison.