Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cleo's x-rays were clean!

Our vet said they look good, and that there's no evidence that the mast cell tumors have spread to Cleo's internal organs. What a relief. Weepy tears of relief while shnergling a pug, all around. Thanks for everyone's good thoughts!

Husband said -- I knew they were going to be OK -- like he never experienced a moment of panic, and I said -- oh yeah? well we just spent a bazillion dollars making sure, funny man.

look ma! no arthritis, either!

Cleo was pretty happy to be outta the vet's, despite the copious amounts of treats and loving she was getting.

i was damn good. gimme a treat.

Now we just have to get through yet another vet appointment, this time with the oncologist, to see what Cleo's treatment options are.

another vet?! the treats there better'd be just as good


  1. cleo you are such a trooper. thank goodness for the clear x-rays!

  2. "oh yeah? well we just spent a bazillion dollars making sure, funny man."
    I about died laughing. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!!

  3. OMP!!!! This is wonderful news! I am spinning around doing a happy dance! I know you still have the road ahead to deal with the stupid rumors, but I know you will kick butt with that! Thank goodness there was no spreading of the tumors!

  4. I came over from Wilma's blog to wish Cleo well and am so happy to hear this news! We will pray that Cleo kick's the tumors' butts!

  5. I came from Wilma's too,,, to send healing wishes to you,, they are packed in magic bubbles