Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh, the horror

In preparation for her upcoming surgery, Cleo got a shave. We figured that since we had already found 5 mast cell tumors, there were bound to be more, and I wanted to make sure we identified all of them before going under the knife.

mama. i don't look all that different, do i?

I got a loud, long round of laughter from our groomer when I made that appointment, but she did an excellent job. And, it's a darn good thing we did, because of course we discovered a few more lumps for our vet to inspect during surgery. insert wild wailing and thrashing about by the mama

she looks like a baby goat

I've read of some shaving their pugs to spare them from the dead heat of summer, and I can see why. Miss Cleo requires at least one sweater at all times to keep from shivering.

u could turn up the heat to 90 instead

Oh, Cleo, my baby girl.


  1. our little billy goat. she actually doesn't look too different! which i guess means she always looked like a baby billy goat. we hope she is feeling better!

  2. OH DEAR!!!! Slick as a seal. I was just wondering last week what a shaved pugger looked like. Guess you have a great excuse to check out some major winter fashion. Funny enough, Cleo doesn't seem to mind. What do her sisters think of this??
    Kitty and Coco