Sunday, July 8, 2012

Missing my girls

Trips without the pugs kind of stink.  On one hand, it's nice not to be woken in the pre-dawn hours by some pug(s) standing on one's chest, channeling stinky breath into one's nostrils, trying to get her early breakfast.  On the other hand, I kinda miss the feel of 4 sharp paws poking into my belly at 6am.

Luckily, the girls are in great hands with a loving auntie who likes to send us photo updates. 

mama save us we r being forced to model for ridiculous dignity-losing pictures

next time take me with u mama


  1. oh yes,, I know how much you miss those adorable babies!

  2. Aw, those poor pups! Oh the suffering they must be enduring! It must be unbearable!

  3. I know.. that's one thing bad about taking a trip without pugs. When papa was gone for a week to fish in Canada recently, Neko did not sleep in bed for first couple of nights, he waited papa on top of stairs all night. Sammy did not care, cuz she is a mama's pug. Wish this world accept animal more, so we can take them with whenever, wherever....
    Love both pics of the girls : )

  4. Please send that basket ' o' pug to me pronto.