Friday, August 24, 2012

I think Sasha's acupuncture is working....

Another day, another swipe of the credit card.  I MEAN, Sasha went to get another acupuncture treatment today.  She's had 3 treatments so far, and we think it's helped.  We couldn't tell at first because it was the absence of her previous behavior as opposed to her frolicking around like a puppy. We've noticed little things -- she no longer hobbles when she gets up first thing in the morning, she doesn't hold her leg off of the ground, and she will actually tackle a few stairs down when motivated.

i tolerate this only because of the treats involved. gimme one.

Today Sasha was far more chill about the procedure than previously.  No shaking in fear uncontrollably like the drama queen pug that she is. 

It's all fun and games until the needles go in around the elbow.

mama i've decided that we should leave


  1. Sweet Sasha
    I think you are brave. But its okay to be afraid.
    I am sorry that you hurt sometimes. I wish I could do some magic to make you better.
    But this treatment is helping you, and I am happy about that. You are so loved,,, so loved.

  2. oh my baby, what a brave little girl. so glad you are feeling better. and full from treats.

  3. You go girl!!! It's so hard when people ask "Oh is it helping??" Like the results are instantaneous and miraculous. These things take time people! We have the same response to our dog training, like they expect them to be all fixed in one session. I wish!
    I'm so glad she's having an easier time of it and it seems to be helping.

  4. The acupuncture treatments are just fascinating to us (seriously). Hey, any improvment for our ol' girl is worth it. Maybe she will get better about the elbow needles at some point. Not sure I would like it either though :)

  5. Happy to hear it is working !! Mama goes to get one in between chiro visits. She swears that works too. The first picture of Sasha is priceless. Oh so cute : )