Saturday, January 26, 2013

Life continues....

Muchas gratitude for the kind thoughts.  You cannot know how much your words are helping me.     

Cleo and Deedee are coping well.  Cleo was a bit blue, but Deedee ramped up her sisterly love (read: extreme pesty-ness), and the 2 are now inseparable. 

They say that you never get over a loss, rather that you get through it.  We are attempting to muddle through, some people (hysterical pug mama) and some days being worse than others.   I will never forget my Sasha, my cantaloupe-sized pug, the one who waltzed into my life and took my heart, the one for whom I did do and would've done anything and everything.    

Given that this blog was so much about her, I thought it best to move to a new blog, Pugtime.  Please join us there.


  1. we loved her very much. we look forward to reading about cleo and deedee on the new blog.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss my sweet friend.

  3. Sasha will never be forgotten. She was part of our life too.
    We are following you- whereever you go, and we keep sending postive thoughts and prayers that your broken hearts will heal.

  4. Anything we can do, please let us know. See you at your new blogspot : )


  5. Sigh. Tearing up, both happy and sad to see you "muddling through." I can promise your Sasha will never be forgotten (but you already know that). Love and hugs to you. We'll gladly follow the exploits of your two love muffins at Pugtime. xoxo

  6. Oh! I'm so happy to see you are back! I wondered what you'd do, and I'm glad you've decided to keep blogging. I think you made a good decision to make a separate space to start again. Sasha will never EVER be forgotten, she will forever be in our hearts! Hugs!