Thursday, March 1, 2007

Must I do everything myself

I decided that the pug princesses needed scarves. Something for those days where it's not cold enough for sweaters, but definitely too chilly to be Naked. I found that scarves are not a popular pet item. Impossible to find. Frustrated, I decided to a) teach myself to knit, and b) knit the girls up some scarves. The poor pugs were victims of my first attempt.

ooooooh, there will be many more of those coming your way, my pretties.


  1. the pugs look so grand. cleo's like "am i pretty? am i pretty?" sasha has no such doubts about her appearance. they are both adorable.

  2. Cleo looks so great. She thinks... is it possible, I feel pretty, oh pretty!
    Sasha is like I'll pose for the camers, again.