Friday, March 9, 2007

Pug seatbelts

I've gotten a little crazy with safety lately. People in our area drive like lunatics, and I worry about an unsecured pug flying thru the windshield when I inevitably have to brake suddenly. I went out and emergently got some fleecy, padded seatbelt harnesses from Petco.

They snap on quickly, connect easily to seatbelts, have nice soft fleecy padding, and are constructed with a little bit of elastic so that I don't end up with strangled pug. However. They are not at all designed for turgid pug bodies. Poor Sasha looks like she's in a straitjacket.

And it's a little ridiculously too easy for them to wriggle out of them at inopportune moments. Sigh. The search goes on.


  1. nevertheless, they look quite content.

  2. Are you sure these seatbelts are for little puglets? Sasha is almost out of it and Cleo would jump out any minute.

  3. it's supposedly the smallest size they had. and they DO jump out at any given minute. it's embarrassing when we stop for gas and 2 naked pugs charge out of the car.

  4. they look like sleepy members of the elizabethean court. perhaps they should look to a different era for the royal fashion inspirations.