Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pug Sunday

Luckily, Bunni's visit coincided with Pug Sunday in SF. We took all 3 pugs -- a veritable pug pack! Bunni was being very friendly.

She made a lot of friends. Including a very tubby, very playful and loving pug named Smokey.

Cleo was having none of it.

Sasha was a leetle less terrified, but also not feeling all too social.

Bunni was just a pooped pug.


  1. Poor Cleo. It is really funny the way she is trying to protect herself. You can see the freightened eye. She will get over it. She was so daring in the beginning. There must have been some instance that left some bad memory in her.

  2. i think smokey ate one of the other pugs.