Thursday, October 11, 2007

A day in the life of a princess pug

Bunni has a good life. She wakes up in her spacious bed, inspects her humans (the same ones she's shoved to the sides of the bed during the night), and marches them out for a vigorous walk in the crisp morning air. Then she gets a visit from her auntie sonia, who stuffs her with treats when her mama isn't looking. She then decides it's time for a toy.

Wait a minute. That doesn't look like a regular pug toy.

Nooooo, those are my socks. the ones she's rooted out from my suitcase, after tossing out most of my clothes.

She knows they're in there somewhere.


  1. Isn't she cutie? She really like socks.

  2. A princess pug can never have enough toys, even if it means usurping them from people's feet.