Monday, August 25, 2008

Our new addition!!

Announcing.... Deedee!!

After flying out to Detroit yesterday morning, I met Kelle (of Arvay pugs), and our new baby! 4# of wriggling, licking, curious puglet! After trying for over an hour to lure her into her crate, unsuccessfully (she was too excited to be interested in treats!), she finally started to doze off. In a sitting position.

That's when I stuffed her into the carrier. Not happy.

She did eventually settle down and sleep.

Once home, she got to meet her new dada! There was love to be had all around.


  1. so cute. she has such beautiful blue eyes. not demonic eyes like cleo.

  2. oh my god. oh my god. is she cute. look how happy she is to be in the arms of her new daddy! welcome little deedee.

  3. i love the second picture...she looks so suspicious (of the crazy sleep deprived woman no doubt!).

    such a cute toothless puglet !!!