Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i need my beauty sleep

Poor Sasha. She has not been sleeping well at all. Neither have we, actually, since Deedee has been afflicted with a case of the nigthttime barfies. Nothing worse than waking up to -- sniff? mearpf. meeeeearpf? BWAAAAh! BWAAAAAAh! BLEEEEEEECHHH! Poor blind Sasha gets startled awake and starts to bark and jump all over the bed (and us). It does not make for a restful night.


  1. There really isn't any sound that is more recognizable and that strikes fear into my heart (fear of stepping in a warm, slimy pile of Pug Puke) than the Puggy Puking Sound. I soooo empathize with you. Poor Sasha. Poor Deedee. Poor everyone! Get better soon, Deedee!
    Pug Crazy Kim

  2. is that sasha's blinged-out hoodie i see? to draw attention from the bags under her eyes.