Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did I mention how HOT it is?

Deedee and I have discovered that when it is a billion degrees in heat and humidity in a city full of people, any shred of questionable cleanliness is buried under layers of human and animal sweat, excrement and dead skin cells, baked into a crackly film onto every surface. and then all sludged together obligingly by store-owners, who emerge at regular intervals to spray their sidewalks with just enough water to reconstitute the filth and allow it all to get spread around again.

We've been taking a lot of showers. it's exhausting work for a pug to stay clean.


  1. she's so cute, even when filthy.

  2. Poor thing. Life is so hard. She is so pampered.

  3. Has this pug been unconcious the entire time?