Monday, June 28, 2010

It is HOT in the city

Deedee and I flew cross-country to visit her auntie & uncle, and fave cousins, Bunni and Rikki! After the initial face-licking and butt-smelling 'hellos', the pugs immediately settled down. to sleep. because it is about ONE MILLION DEGREES in manhattan. a pug cannot possibly conceive of doing anything else but lie about and look cute.

Deedee says -- u may look but u may not touch

Rikki knows it's coolest on the floor.

Altho I suppose sometimes she gets confused and lost and decides to camp out with Bunni near the door instead. All the better to wake up at a half-moment's notice and yarp at any potential intruders.


  1. The pugs always know of the coolest spots on a hot day and the warmest spots on a cold day.