Monday, July 26, 2010

Testing the water

Over the holidays, Deedee got to meet and hang out with her cousin, Juniper. Juniper is a little shy. Deedee practically had to shove her nonexistant little muzzle into her face in order to get any dog attention.

Oh, ho. what's this? Is Juniper happily swimming in the pool? retrieving? fetching? in general having the time of her life?

Let me just say that it is rare for Deedee to encounter water in the pool variety. She is uncertain.

And yet, what is apparently so fun and comfortable for her Lab cousin, is proving pretty alluring for the puglet.

Does she dare? one pug pawlet, indecisively waving in the air...

oh, that was not a good start. not a good start at all.


  1. she kinda looks like a dolphin leaping out the water in that last photo.