Thursday, July 15, 2010

That puppy sho' does sleep a lot

In between mauling and being mauled by her cousins, Deedee managed to get in quite a bit of sleepy time.

Sort of like taking a handful of cooked noodles and just throwing them onto the sofa. That's my pug.

I'm not even sure she can breathe in that pic. I AM pretty sure that she got shnergled within an inch of her life after the following pic.

Annnnnd here she is, taking up all the space in her cousins' bed with her little watermelon body. She is totally unabashed.

wha, mama. why don't we have beds this nice at home?


  1. she is a little lump of cooked noodles! so tasty and slurpable!

  2. She is too cute to be real.