Monday, August 2, 2010

Poor pug

Poor Cleo. She has these terrible allergies (as numerous trips to various vet specialists have documented). The latest melodrama came up the other morning when I noticed that she was limping around the yard. After prolonged sobbing (mine) and hysterics (mine again), we committed to a thorough inspection of her paws.

Little girl. I forget the name but basically it's an allergic nodule that gets itchy and then infected as she licks and chews on it. I was afraid she had some sort of foreign body like a foxtail in her little flipper paw. Thus the thorough investigation. She did NOT like our examining it.

But Cleo is our best little girl and allowed us to slather ointment on her toes and wrap her up in a bootie. She's such a good pug.


  1. oh cleo. poor little girl. so red and inflamed. i hope she feels better soon.

  2. The poor baby! I hope her allergies come under control! Thanks for the photos in case this same thing ever happens to my Marlene!