Thursday, July 21, 2011

More post-op Deedee pictures

You would think that after being poked with needles and assaulted with tooth-removing pliers while anesthetized, a puglet would want a little bit of alone time. Time in which to rest, recuperate, and plan daily tooth-brushing. Not this pug. She ran her sleepy little pug butt outside to soak up the last of the waning rays of the setting sun.

i feel more comfortable drooling on this particular piece of furniture

She got plenty of lurvin' from the fam. Her dada was all soft pets and sweet nothings.

u r wrapped around my little pug toe

She got some words of comfort from Miss Cleo, a surgery veteran.

don't worry, this too shall pass. and then they will shower u with treats

Deedee was so out of it that she insisted on sleeping outside even after it got chilly when the fog rolled in (either that or they also removed some of her precious few brain cells). I found her shivering, sound asleep. It called for emergency blanketage.

mama. i could also use a hot toddie.


  1. Wow! the best dede post ever. She's unbelievably cute. We hope she feels better.

  2. Aw, poor little DeeDee

  3. what a floppy little girl.