Wednesday, July 20, 2011


After carefully nurturing several tomato plants to maturity, we have finally been able to (slowly) reap the rewards. Last weekend, we had 2 whole, ripe tomatoes!! produced from 6 ridiculously lazy plants. So you can understand that when I noticed another single tomato ripening on the vine, it was with Great Anticipation.

But, what's this? The tomato is no longer perfect!

i show you perfect. and it is not me.

Not believing my eyes, I took a closer look. Could it be? Someone else has gotten to my tomato first?

i am half eaten

Muttering dire curses and threats against all imaginable wildlife, including raccoons, deer, housecats, and even snails, I plucked the offended tomato for a closer look.

i have claw marks. possibly from an individual with opposable claws.

well that just leaves one option. Miss Cleo.

i have no idea what ur talking about. i don't know why i have tomato breath.


  1. cleo is the most clever pug. she likes tomatoes almost as much as her auntie. or maybe not, considering she left half of it still hanging there.

  2. Trying to hate on a girl for eating healthy..I tell you what. She even politely left half for someone else. Teehee.

    Kitty and Coco