Monday, September 19, 2011


er... I mean, 'honored guests'. the puglets had some surprise visitors!

who is taking up the pugs' fave spots on the top of the sofa??

it's baby rilka and baby sadie! little mufflettes of love came for a long-awaited puglet meet-and-greet.

rilka... I think

sadie -- caught in the act

the pugs were super excited to meet the babies. in that sasha totally ignored them and cleo refused to relinquish her dada's lap even when also occupied by a feeding baby.

deedee was the only one who was truly curious -- lots of baby bum sniffing and tiny toes licking.

wait a minute... i thought i was the baby


  1. thanks sonia for the post. everyone has been anxious with anticipation after the long drought. and such a cute one! two more pugs ... I mean babies.

  2. so cutie! why is deedee looking so guilty? suspicious.