Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now I know what Deedee does when we're away

Our super-sweet pugwalker sent me some pics of the Deedles from her phone, from their walk the other day. Clearly she has caught on to the craziness of the crazy lady that is me, and decided to humor me. Perhaps because I pay her. naw. It's because she loves the pug, I'm sure of it.

deedee excited for her upcoming walk

her (v large) doggie pals

leading the charge -- apparently little miss dominant likes to walk ahead of the pack

wiped after the walk, cuddling with her new BFF

in the front seat, where she belongs


  1. oh my goodness. who can resist the cuteness of the deedee. i love that she leads the pack.

  2. My goodness she is so adorable!