Friday, October 7, 2011

Post-op Cleo

Our vet took off EIGHT lumps/tumors that we either knew, or she suspected to be, mast cell tumors. After discussion with the oncologist, we had opted to do little local removals as opposed to the giant wide excisions they normally do for these tumors. Otherwise, she would be Skinless Pug. She's already Hairless Pug.

she really looks like a kid goat

I like to believe that the smaller excisions hurt less, too.

5 on her back/hips, 2 on her neck, and 1 on her inner thigh

begone, damn mast cell tumors!

Cleo also had a cracked molar removed during surgery, and our vet discovered a urinary tract infection. FABULOUS. what next. Little puglet was so dopey afterwards she was just a little wadded up bundle of sleepy pug. She may have gotten Supreme Shnerglage.

Deedee played the part of pug-nurse. She was surprisingly gentle with her older sister.

i missed u


  1. Sweet Cleo, so glad she did well with her surgeries. What a good sister DeeDee is. I hope her recovery is swift and uncomplicated. Yes! BE GONE DAMN MAST CELL TUMORS!
    Sending love and snuggles!

  2. oh cleo! it breaks my heart to see those little wounds. i know she will recover quickly under the care of nurse deedee.

  3. Poor, sweet Cleo! I hope she's 100% after this!

  4. Oh gosh,, I am here to give you some of my puggy love. And I am sending healing bubbles to make you better. And the magic bubbles are to calm your mommas heart too..
    Your such sweety pies,, and we all want those nasty tumors to GO AWAY.
    I send you love and healing thoughts sweet friends

  5. I heard from Wilma that you had your surgery Cleo. I'm so glad you got rid of those things. I hope you feel 100% soon!