Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Surprise! I'm naked!

So I'm patting myself on the back about how well I've prepared for the shivering, bald pug situation, by having on hand numerous shirts and sweaters. Extra cold? No problem! Cleo gets a shirt AND a sweater! She is bundled-up, extra-loved pug!

So I come home to find this on the floor:

there really is no suspense, is there

And in the other corner of the room, I see this:

NAKED PUG! If you look closely you can see her little surgery sites, poor thing.

i am a little embarrassed that u caught me

I think what happens is that she stretches the clothes out, and then she manages to slip right out of them.

u could get me a fur coat, instead OH WAIT i had one and u shaved it off


  1. cleo you are too funny. her little surgery wounds break my heart, and then that sweet expression breaks it all over again.

  2. Oh Cleo, tell mama sometimes all it takes is a little sunny sun!

  3. Oh Cleo
    Look at that adorable face of yours!
    You just wanted to be naked,, that's all!
    Isn't it kinda fun to just feel free?
    I was looking at all your older posties before I knew you, and you siblings are all cute too.
    I want to get to know you,, so I was reading..
    Keep getting better - sweetie
    nitey nite