Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cleo is still puppy

When Cleo was a wee pug, she was an energetic little chewy playful sprinting spazz. We called her 'puppy'. As she got older, even at 5 and 6 years old, she retained the same level of energy. We started calling her 'perma-pup'.

Alas, age caught up with her, as it does with all of us. Cleo started to slow down a little, grey a little, and sleep a little more. My little darling, who used to rush down the stairs to greet me home every day, now saves her joints and just waves her tail vigorously at me from the sofa.

She still enjoys a good chew, every now and again.

Probably not a coincidence, that.

Certainly puts those humongous teeth of hers to good use.

My little girl will still always be my baby.


  1. the perma-pup is all grown up! we all know that at least she doesn't need dentures, little shark fang.

  2. I call every single dog I meet "puppy" - sometimes people correct me and say "oh she's actually five." NO. They are ALWAYS puppies. Always. Sweet little Cleo face!

  3. I'll let you in on a little secret. As we wee ones get older, we don't come running for you like we used to not because we can't, but because we're too cool to. Stay cool Cleo!
    Love, Wilma

  4. I think she is probably just being lazy.

  5. Oh Cleo-- you will always be your mammas baby! And your just too adorable!