Monday, January 30, 2012

What's with this weather?

While it appears that global warming is progressing inexorably, we may as well take a moment to enjoy the unseasonably warm winter. It's not like we were expecting snow where we live, but it's definitely a first to drag the pugs off to Beach Day in January.

mama that water still looks pretty cold

Deedee takes full advantage of her black fur to soak up the warm sun.

this is more like it

Sasha, my darling old pug, still loves the beach. She can't run through the sand and surf as she used to, but she'll still walk with me by water's edge and enjoy a good natural paw scrub.

Cleo not so much.

i do NOT like the water sam i am

Cleo REALLY doesn't like the water. Her flipper paws are just for show.

take me home now demmit

Doesn't stop Cleo from chasing Deedee around the sand, tho. We were also lucky enough to run into 2 other pugs! Joyful sniffing ensued.

ring around the... em, pug butt

Enjoy what you can, little puglets, as our environment hurtles towards its demise.


  1. what a great post! the group photo at the end is one for the ages.

  2. oh it was a pugfest--how joyous! glad the girls got a winter's day on the beach.

  3. I love the beach too, and I felt like I was right there with you!
    I loved all your photos.
    Did you see "Puff- my magic sea horse"?

  4. Oh wow, the beach sounds soooo nice right about now. I'm with Cleo..NOT a fan of water, or anything remotely icky on my paws. Yes, I am a sissy, get over it. Coco eats poo, so what can she say? Deedee looks like she is in pug heaven. Hope you had fun with your new puggy friends.

    Pee.S. We have had trouble posting on your blog. GRR. Today it seems to be going through, but wanted you to know we weren't intentionally dissing you pups.

  5. Beautiful pictures. You guys are so lucky, you get to go to the beach.