Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Merry super-belated Christmas!

What with all the flying around the country, whilst lugging, towing and stuffing 3 pugs into various travel craft, I may have decided to take a mini-break from posting pics of the spoiled pugs, bah-humbug-style. In any case, hope your holidays were as fabulous as the pugs'.

Actually, there is no way that anyone had a more fabulous holiday than the pugs. Not only were there 2 more pug cousins to play/snuggle with, but also 4, count 'em FOUR, additional humans to sucker into giving them treats, er, I mean, cuddle with.

Just a small sample of the type of goodies they enjoyed:

artisanally-baked dog cookies. seriously. I did not make the 'artisan' label up.

3 pugs verrrry excited to get at some good eats

note the drool

Deedee's got her paws splayed like she's ready to bolt with her prize. no worries, little pug, no one wants to take that slobbery treat away from you.

even Sasha got her (two) teeth into it.

annnnndd.... Cleo's molars in action, up close and personal -- they could double as the jaws of life.


  1. oh what a wonderful holiday treat for the pugs--a whole donut for each!

  2. oh those nummy nums look so tasty! And you each got one! Look how specials you all are! And I think loved and special too for getting to fly on airplanes! Gosh your all sooo adorables!